My-Chron Slalom Timing System
    Display (.7 x 1.7 x 2.7 in., 3 oz)                         Display and Sensor (infrared Receiver)

Which wheels should I run?
Which board should I run?
Does this new truck make me quicker?
Should I run a longer, or shorter wheelbase?
Should I modify my stance?
Where should I hold my arms, and how do they effect my times?
Would a flexier board be quicker on this course?
These new bushings feel sweet, but are they faster?
Am I losing time at the start? In the tight? Through the offsets?
How much wedge should I be running?
How can I shave off a little time and start running up front?

Quit Guessing! Now you can get immediate answers to all your questions!  

Be confident in the starting box your package is the best it can be!

The My-Chron Light MCL is perfect for timing slalom racers. It will provide the answers you're looking for. Originally designed for road race motorcycles and karts, it is the worlds smallest and best selling lap timer. It has been in use for many years and has proven to be reliable and accurate.

The display and sensor (infrared receiver) can be mounted on your board (I mount it with Velcro on the nose of my boards), or on your body (I have mounted it to my ankle). The beacons (infrared transmitters) are set at the side of the course. When you ride past a beacon it automatically switches the timer, then records and displays your time.

The display and sensor are very small, light weight and powered by two long life coin cell batteries. The display has large easy to read numerals that can easily be read while riding. The sensor simply needs to be located in the line of site of the beacon. The lean or angle of the board is not a problem.  

The beacons have great range (up to 60 feet) and run on either 8 AA batteries (not included) or a 12-volt motorcycle/car battery (connectors included). They are durable, weather proof, and all beacons are a common frequency so only one pair of beacons is required on a course to time every rider who has a display/receiver mounted on their board.

For slalom racing, you will need at least two beacons (one at the start, another at the finish). Additional beacons are available and may be used for split times.

Features: Small and lightweight, 480 lap memory, Self powered, Long battery life, Easy to read display, Auto off feature, Hands free use, 1-year warranty, 1/100 second accuracy

Suggested Retail $269

Complete System, including Display, Sensor and 2 Beacons = $240
Display, Sensor and 1 Beacon = $200
Display and Sensor only  (no beacon) = $190            
Additional Beacon = $40 each
Sensor only = $60

(Add $10 for shipping)

You can pay via PayPal ( or send a check or money order to: Curt Kimbel, 28070 Pastor Court, Mechanicsville, MD 20659

If you have any questions or require additional information please email me at

You're going to like this timer! Not only does it provide the valuable information you need to be competitive, it's fun!